What My Minimalist Closet Looks Like

A Brief Look at My Briefs

Without a doubt, minimizing clothes is one of the most worthwhile yet tedious steps to becoming a minimalist. Here’s the quick and dirty way to get your closet CLEANED!

Step 1 Theme: Sure, follow Marie Kondo’s advice and get all your clothes in one big pile

Once you’ve had the workout of running from room to room to track down forgotten garments like coats, wedding dresses, orphan socks, and whatever was in that pesky pile in the laundry room, you can now commence culling your clothing.

Step 2 Theme: Forget about sparking joy. What do you actually wear?

Get a “rag pile” and “donate pile” ready.

This is best accomplished by looking at what you recently washed and folded (which is now on your bed in a big pile…sorry). Those items will probably stay and you can get to putting them away AFTER you designate a place for them in either your drawers or hanging up.

How I display my clothes

My socks are in one bin. My underwear and bras are in another bin. Tights (not leggings), my swimsuit, and erm…intimate wear are in another bin.

I hang up my work sweaters, pants, dresses, and work shirts. I promise you that aside from the outfit I am currently wearing at the time of this shot, all my clothes are hung and put away in the drawers (all pictured) and none are in the laundry or hiding away. Unless you count my one winter coat, hat, gloves, and raincoat.

I put in drawers my workout clothes, leggings, casual T-shirts, my one bulky sweatshirt, tank tops, and my last drawer is for summer shorts and, apparently, the library books I’m reading.


Step 3 Theme: Numbers aren’t important but your time and health are

This is not about having only 30, or 50, or 100 things. As you are moving through the pile of your underclothes, think “How many socks, bras, underwear do I need for the week until I do the laundry again?” Toss the rest. Also, don’t get too attached to underwear. According to Good Housekeeping, we should replace our underwear every six months to a year. (For a more complete list of what items in your bedroom you should replace and when, click here).

As you are moving through your shirts, skirts, pants, and sweaters think “How many combinations are possible here?” and “Do I really need three colors of this same shirt? Which color do I actually wear and what does it go with?” Put sweaters and shirts that work well together close in your closet.

Step 4 Theme: Give yourself time to adjust

Before you go flinging your items in the trunk of your car for donation, leave them for a couple of weeks in a box in a room far from your bedroom. If you really need something, you will take the time and effort to go looking for that item.

Also, if there were items that you are not really to let go of, put them in your closet. For the next month, anytime you wear an item switch the hanger around. At the end of the month, notice what you have and haven’t worn and make adjustments to your wardrobe again.

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