About Me

Two years ago I had enough time to look around long enough to realize that I should have looked up long, long ago.

I was barely staying afloat. I was in a sea of despair. There was no anchor. [Insert your favorite naval pun here.]

Then, like any desperate person perusing Netflix, I came upon a new documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things and I clung to the ideals like it was a new religion led by not one but TWO white guys. I took no time at all in christening my home by flagellating the crap right out of the door.

Now that I’ve gotten some valuable time back, I’m taking the time to see in what ways minimalism and the people who preach its principles intersect with literature, feminism, veganism, parenting, and finance.

Personal stuff:

I’m a girl who has a job and a family. I live in Minnesota. I like brownies.