Marathons, Minimalism, Metaphors, and Alliteration

Whenever I meet another minimalist, I feel that same camaraderie as I used to feel when I met another marathoner. We cheer each other on, we talk about reaching small goals. I sincerely hope minimalism doesn’t become a competition, a zero-sum game where you aren’t a minimalist until you have the least amount of things and are living in a shack in the woods with no windows…and then a lean-to because you feel the need to do better than the guy with the walls.

How Anxiety Rules Your Wallet

Heart-palpitating moments bring up an opportunity for me to write about anxiety and money, so it isn’t all bad. After all, who hasn’t felt anxiety over money? If you haven’t, you are missing out of some sweet lessons on how fear can simultaneously be your concierge motivator and paralyzer. Fun stuff. Hey, have you checked your credit score recently?