Picture of the writer with long hair and glasses

Hi, I am Dennis. A thinker. A dreamer. A writer. A poet.

If you ever feel like you connect with the words on this blog, it’s because there is truth in every one of my written works. Snapshots of my mind, moments of my life or something else that inspired me to write it all down. Or as the movies say “based on a real story”. It’s poetry though, not an autobiography.

The first time my writing really touched someone was in third grade. The story I had written for homework about a mommy bear and its cub unexpectedly brought my teacher to tears.

I love how powerful words can be. Even a single sentence can reach deep into a person’s heart. Words can invoke emotions and provoke responses, but they are also a medium for me to capture my own emotional state – allowing me to calm my mind, express myself or let me escape into another world for a short while. I hope my words will reach you, too in any way. You can always connect with me on social media and tell me about it.

As a completely independent writer, Patreon is the main way to support my work. Additionally, you can also by me a cup of coffee or two via Paypal. I appreciate every kind of help I can get.

– Dennis D.