Roses and Chandeliers

A dozen voices Echoing through the room Decorated with everything You could ever hope to love And never want to lose The scent of tea herbs  Mixed with your perfume  Coat me into a thin cocoon  Of sensation Which will keep me warm  For hours and hours When we step outside  Into the howling blizzard… Continue reading Roses and Chandeliers

Moving on Impulse

Days as monotonous as alwaysJust not when you walk bySeeing youTurns my black and white viewInto something cinematicNights as sleepless as alwaysJust not when you fly byDreaming of youRebuilds the ruin I call homeInto a golden palace With those feelings lingering insideI did the best and dumbest thingI could possibly doMoving on impulseI spoke toAnd… Continue reading Moving on Impulse


I keep revisiting this fantasyI have of us two strangersIt’s nothing to be ashamed ofYet it’s a shame thatThis train of thoughtHad reached its final destinationBefore you could even say it was a journeyNo, it was a beautiful short filmAnd the credits rolled soonerReality caught up quickerThan my wishful thinking could formInto something substantialNo sequel… Continue reading Realisations

Categorised as Poetry


Trust me, I mean it, when I say you mean the world to me. Because why should something as little as a bird’s flap or someone turning a newspaper page at the bus station remind me of you and only you? There is no everywhere without you. And that’s okay, because you are all I… Continue reading Poems

Closing Credits

Love is the most beautiful plot twist in a movie you never even expected to watch. You rarely let the credits roll, yet suddenly you sit there, silently, dumbstruck by what just happened. And that lovely song at the end hits home like it is meant to tear apart your house. You feel like it… Continue reading Closing Credits


I am so rich with the things I neither want nor need. But what I want and what I need comes together in one tiny package only. And in that package, which seems more like an ancient treasure chest, carefully decorated with golden ribbons to signal not even half the worth in it, resides the… Continue reading Parallels

Perfect Strangers

We are just perfect strangersPerfect in our own waySitting in the same trainWhile taking different pathsShy glances are all it tookTo make me miss you already And I am sorry I couldn’t get my eyes off youBut for me you are that beautifulAnd I know I don’t know youI probably never will But maybe if… Continue reading Perfect Strangers