Marathons, Minimalism, Metaphors, and Alliteration

Whenever I meet another minimalist, I feel that same camaraderie as I used to feel when I met another marathoner. We cheer each other on, we talk about reaching small goals. I sincerely hope minimalism doesn’t become a competition, a zero-sum game where you aren’t a minimalist until you have the least amount of things and are living in a shack in the woods with no windows…and then a lean-to because you feel the need to do better than the guy with the walls.

Minimalism More money, no problems

How Anxiety Rules Your Wallet

Heart-palpitating moments bring up an opportunity for me to write about anxiety and money, so it isn’t all bad. After all, who hasn’t felt anxiety over money? If you haven’t, you are missing out of some sweet lessons on how fear can simultaneously be your concierge motivator and paralyzer. Fun stuff. Hey, have you checked your credit score recently?


What Inspired Me to Become a Minimalist

After what felt like a year of cleaning up the same mess, I gathered all the toys that my children barely touched and packed them away in the car to drop off at Goodwill. After I added knick knacks and what I cleaned from my closet, I ran out of room in my sedan and had to fit the rest in what would be 5/6ths of my husband’s Buick Enclave.


Minimizing Your Plastic Footprint: An Ever-Changing List of Ideas

Plastic is everywhere…obviously. From the clothes we buy (synthetic poly blends), to the diapers and toys we get for young ones, to the fast food meals we eat (silverware, lining of wrappers, straws), and our toiletries, building materials, and cleaning supplies.
Let’s be blunt. That’s too much for one concerned adult to keep track of.

Minimalism More money, no problems

Put Your Impulses in Your Childhood, Your Best Life is a Focused One

The person I envision is edgy, witty, and well read. She is beautiful, strong, and wealthy. She is self sufficient but also a great partner and a doting mother of semi-free-range children. She speaks different languages, she gardens, paints, plays the ukulele, runs ultramarathons, climbs mountains, cooks wholesome meals, takes excellent photos, writes, is a great public speaker, and is generally and at all times in the running for teacher of the year.

She sounds absolutely neurotic. I probably wouldn’t even be her friend.

Feminism Minimalism

Un-embellished: Why This Married Woman Isn’t Putting a Ring on it

When I was in my 20s, engagements seemed to be taking place all around me on my college campus. What a nice thing to be loved and to love someone in return, I thought. However, when someone got engaged, the first thing people ask about isn’t how excited they are for the wedding or how wonderful their spouse-to-be is.

“Let’s see it!” We demand.