Closing Credits

Love is the most beautiful plot twist in a movie you never even expected to watch. You rarely let the credits roll, yet suddenly you sit there, silently, dumbstruck by what just happened. And that lovely song at the end hits home like it is meant to tear apart your house. You feel like it sparked something deep in you, so after an excruciatingly restless night you watch it again and again, noticing all the little details you did not pay attention to at first. Soon enough you find yourself walking the fine line between genuine interest and maniacal obsession. You set out to buy every copy on earth of this movie, because you want to be the only one to watch it ever again. Making a thousand additional backup copies. ‘Better safe than sorry, huh’? But have you ever listened to a song too many times and you suddenly could not stand it anymore? I wonder..

You can’t just see other movies now right? Do I just limit it to, let’s say watching it once a week? Once a month? Do I find a new hobby? Do I hit the gym I’ve avoided for far too long? But what if I like it there, too? Won’t it get suspicious of why I am getting home so late at night every day? And I still have to maintain all the physical copies piling up in every corner at home. Fuck. I think that’s what they meant by ‘being blinded by love.’