Roses and Chandeliers

A dozen voices

Echoing through the room

Decorated with everything

You could ever hope to love

And never want to lose

The scent of tea herbs 

Mixed with your perfume 

Coat me into a thin cocoon 

Of sensation

Which will keep me warm 

For hours and hours

When we step outside 

Into the howling blizzard again

The light of the chandelier 

Reflecting in the eyes 

I am far too close 

To lose myself in

Conversations deeper 

Than the oceans

Laughs louder 

Than thunder

Passion spreads like wildfire

Engulfing the whole earth 

In white flames 

Until it becomes another star

And I another blind man

Just following your voice is enough 

And if we hit a dead-end

Just press me against the wall 

And kiss me like you want nothing else